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We have non-surgical treatments to relieve your wrist pain

What is Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that affects the wrists and hands, causing burning, tingling, numbness and general weakness. It is also known as ‘median nerve compression’ because it causes pressure on the median nerve that runs down the full length of your arm, ending in your hand after going through a path in your wrist called the carpal tunnel.

We have regenerative treatments at our medical clinic in Austin that can help relieve carpal tunnel pain and discomfort and help you avoid risky medication or carpal tunnel surgery. Some other causes of wrist pain that we can treat effectively include osteoarthritis, tendonitis, de quervain's tenosynovitis, sprains and strains, fractures and ligament damage.

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How to Treat Carpal Tunnel

Regenerative cellular tissue and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) are effective treatments we provide at USA Medical Research Institute for carpal tunnel syndrome. The regenerative treatments that Dr. Fissette uses are injections that contain mesenchymal cells that were collected from donated umbilical cords. There is a substance inside the umbilical cord called Wharton’s Jelly that includes the powerful regenerative cells we use for carpal tunnel treatment. We collect these cells after a scheduled C-section from cords donated by willing mothers that have been screened for social history and health.

The collection process doesn’t harm the mother or baby, and the cells are filled with vital healing components like:

  • Drinking adequate amounts of water to flush toxins and keep joints lubricated

  • Sleeping in a position that removes pressure from your back and neck

  • Removing your wallet or anything else from your back pocket while sitting

  • Being aware of your posture while walking, sitting or working on a computer

  • Eating a wide range of water-rich foods that are high in nutrients and limiting processed foods

The fact that they are still so young means their healing power hasn’t diminished at all like with older cells and there is almost no chance of rejection because they have yet to form their own immune system.

PRP therapy is also a valuable tool when it comes to alleviating carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. This treatment is created when a small sample of your own blood is drawn and then spun in a centrifuge. During the spinning process, the platelets and plasma are separated, leaving a solution that includes up to five times the concentration of platelets when compared to normal blood. These contain healing properties that can repair your damaged cells and encourage your body’s own healing process.

Natural Pain Relief for Wrist Pain

The big advantage of both of these regenerative treatments is that they address the underlying cause of your wrist pain so you can experience long-lasting relief.

If you only mask the outward symptoms with pain medication, you will never get the long-lasting relief you need because the condition or injury causing your wrist pain is still there. Natural treatments like regenerative cells and PRP treat the root cause, so the pain has no reason to exist any longer.

If you are experiencing debilitating wrist pain that makes it a challenge to get through the day and function normally, we have a solution that will provide you with the relief you need.

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