shoulder PAIN

We offer safe, non-surgical treatment solutions to treat shoulder pain

What causes shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can be caused by many different issues such as degenerative conditions that affect the joints like osteoarthritis, or injuries like torn labrums and rotator cuffs. Any of these situations can result in debilitating shoulder pain that affects your daily routine.

If your shoulder pain is affecting your life and you want a natural solution that doesn’t include pain medication or surgery, the regenerative treatments we use at our medical clinic in Austin will get to the root cause of your pain and give you the relief you deserve.

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How To Stop Shoulder Pain?

Regenerative medicine is an effective way to stop shoulder pain. The treatments Dr. Fissette and his team of highly trained rejuvenation nurses and providers use consist of regenerative cellular tissue and PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. Regenerative cells are derived from the Wharton’s Jelly of donated umbilical cords at the time of birth after a scheduled C-section. The mothers willingly donate this tissue and both the mother and baby are perfectly fine throughout the collection process.

The reason we prefer these cells at USA Medical Research Institute is because they are still at their full healing power and contain potent healing properties like growth factors, exosomes, peptides, proteins, extracellular matrix and cytokines. When they are injected, they will repair and rejuvenate your damaged tissue and resolve the underlying cause of your pain.

PRP is a treatment for pain relief that starts with a small sample of your own blood. After it is drawn, the blood is spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the platelets. The resulting platelets are highly concentrated and contain healing factors that will encourage the healing mechanism within your own body to alleviate your shoulder pain.

Natural Pain Relief for Shoulder Joint Pain

Both of these regenerative treatments treat the underlying cause of your shoulder pain symptoms, and not just the pain itself. When the pain is masked with medication, the condition or injury remains, and the pain will return every time the medication wears off. Another risk with this approach is causing further damage to your injured shoulder when the pain is numbed.

Surgery is another common solution for chronic shoulder pain, but it is highly invasive and often includes long recovery times. When natural pain relief is the goal, we focus on the cause of the pain, understanding that pain is just a symptom or by-product of whatever is going on beneath the surface.

Our regenerative cellular tissue injections and PRP injections will help to resolve the cause, so the symptom disappears as a result.

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