Elbow injuries can be mild or more severe, and the symptoms can vary depending on the severity of the elbow injury. Some of the most common symptoms associated with a painful elbow include: swelling, numbness, tingling, weakness, and a decrease in range of motion. PRP therapy is an innovative procedure that offers a simple and effective solution for pain relief. This approach to alleviating elbow pain helps decrease inflammation and swelling at the source for long-lasting relief.

Most Common Causes for Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is often caused by overuse of the forearm muscles, or from injuries due to a slip and fall, improper form during an exercise routine, or a sports-related accident.

Common causes of elbow pain AustinElbow pain conditions can include:

How Can PRP Therapy Help?

Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP therapy, is a regenerative treatment that goes beyond temporarily relieving discomfort with drugs, and instead encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms by treating the specific cause of the elbow pain at the source.

As PRP is injected directly into the damaged area, it distributes regenerative qualities that contribute to the body’s innate healing process.

A typical PRP treatment takes about 30 minutes. A small amount of the patient’s blood is extracted, prepared, and administered within the same visit. Most patients experience the positive effects right away, and their elbow pain tends to decrease significantly over time. After treatment, you can go about your day as usual, as it is a quick and simple procedure with little to no downtime post-treatment.

Benefits of PRP Therapy

There are many benefits to PRP therapy when used for elbow pain. Platelet-Rich Plasma contains healing components that enhance and promote tissue repair and decrease pain in the joints. This can aid in decreasing some of the symptoms associated with a painful elbow, including pain, discomfort, tingling sensation, numbness and loss of function.

PRP treatment is a short process that normally does not require lengthy post-operative recovery. This form of regenerative medicine can provide long-term relief from elbow pain. It has helped many patients return to a normal, active lifestyle without having to go through medication or the recovery time associated with surgery.

This makes PRP treatment an effective alternative to supporting anyone who has experienced an elbow injury, from getting people back to their active lifestyles and hobbies to helping athletes recover after a sports injury. The goal of this strategy is to restore the strength and mobility of the damaged joint or muscle.

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